I'm so excited you’re ready to dive into video creation and embrace it to better communicate nutrition with the world!

This ebook is broken down into 3 parts.

Part 1 covers establishing YOUR “why” in "why I create videos".

Part 2 covers a bunch of income opportunities and strategies so you can start to build up multiple revenue streams or pick which strategy is going to best fit in your business model.

Part 3 covers some tips and suggestions for getting started.

I'm very much so a "start with what you have and grow over time" sort of person and video creation can be overwhelming if you're new to it.

Throughout the ebook I offer tips and insights to reduce some of your overwhelm and frustration.

I hope this ebook helps you on your way!

Included in the eBook:

Part 1: Why Dietitians Should Create Videos

  • Share Your Expertise
  • Keep Up With Technology
  • Access
  • Streamline Your Work
  • My Why's
  • Establishing Your Why

Part 2: How To Earn Money With Video

  • YouTube Channel
  • Video Podcast
  • Live-streaming
  • Social Media
  • Membership
  • Affiliate Links
  • Freelancing
  • UGC Creator
  • Pitch To Clients
  • Earning Potential

Part 3: How To Get Started

  • Editing Software
  • Equipment
  • Getting Creative
  • Getting Confident

Who this ebook is for:

Anyone wanting to add a side hustle to their business and are considering video.

If you've never created video content for money before and need a little more info and guidance with choosing a direction, then this ebook is for YOU!


  • PDF download with instructions and access information provided at checkout
  • Access is provided as a password-protected webpage
  • 55 Pages
  • Written in 2023 by Sara Kerr, RDN, LD